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Sports Evolution

Rugby Evolution is a new groundbreaking rugby training program for schools. With their strong playing and coaching backgrounds at both national and international levels, Paul and Brett have taken elements of their own training and playing careers and developed the unique programmer which has become Rugby Evolution. With many rugby training options currently open to schools Paul and Brett spent many months looking at the training offered in both one-off sessions and course-based training and found that many lacked the attention to core skills which are key to a young player’s real money pokies australia game.

The Rugby Evolution training has therefore been designed to ensure that the training is very much skills driven with a long-term commitment to both the individual schools and pupils. Many high-profile schemes bring into a school or club environment a high-level player for a one-off session that is more about PR and celebrity than the rugby and both Paul and Brett have been clear from the outset that the Rugby Evolution experience must be substance based with that depth coming from skills that a pupil will see improving session by session.

Rugby Evolution has been designed to offer all pupils an opportunity to participate in the core value of education by enjoyment. The training has been designed to be fun but productive and the methods used will allow a player to improve a particular skill without consciously being aware of the science and mechanics of the process. One of the major elements of the Rugby Evolution training which differentiates it from other training is the fact it does not use contact or tag rugby and the core skills key to the programmer are taught by using a series of https://www.bestcasinositesonline.com/online-slots/ games and drills which keep both the pace of the training high and the interest of the pupil during the session.

Run as an after-school club the training is designed in 1 hr blocks which can be applied to pupils of 7 – 18 years. Because the training has been designed to be flexible in relation to the particular school and the available facilities, the individual requirements of a participating school are always taken into consideration. There are currently already over 60 hours of formatted training available in the program which excludes any bespoke team of club training a school may require and this forward planning will ensure the pupils have availability to a continuous program thereby allowing pupils to reach their own personal potential.

With over 40 schools already signed to the program for September, the response to the new approach to skills-based training has been exceptional and a recent series of seminar events held across 6 counties reinforced the view that both the schools and pupils were keen to experience a fresh approach to rugby training. The concept of focusing on skills was well received and at one seminar event, a group of 14-15-year-old pupils who had received no formal rugby training were skills tested at the commencement of a 40min session and again at the conclusion of the session with a marked visible improvement that surprised both pupils and attending guests.

Elements of the training have been taken not only from rugby but also other sports as the basic skills of game sense, foot speed, hand speed and visual fitness can be taught using exercises and games developed from other sports. Paul Grayson has also incorporated adapted drills and routines from his international-level playing and coaching career and the pupils are therefore able to see a direct connection between the training they are taking part in and the game at the highest level. Rugby Evolution has been designed to promote not only a strong bond to the participating schools but also a connection between schools to school. Rugby Evolution will be promoting not only school-to-school activity but also county-based events and a national festival.

The coaching staff for the training program offered by Rugby Evolution will be drawn in part from rugby clubs from division one downwards. Brett Taylor has already signed several partner clubs to the program and the aim is to train players and coaching staff from the partner clubs who will then go into the participating schools and run the sessions. The clubs will then benefit from the interaction with the community and they will not only raise the profile and awareness of the game but also improve their own coaching skills.

All participating coaches will be inducted and individually trained by Rugby Evolution at a coach training camp which will run during the summer months. Coaches will then be allocated to schools and become part of the national pool of approved staff. Part of Rugby Evolution’s ongoing commitment to promote rugby and sport, in general, can be seen in the unique “cash-back” scheme which will operate in respect of the new Rugby Evolution merchandise range which is due to be launched in early September. Any participating school or club who sells the range will receive a 10% cash-back on all items sold. This cash-back will be paid back to the school or club and can be used to fund items of the school or club’s own choice.

At present, the original approach offered by Rugby Evolution has been universally well received and with the first program now booked to start running in September and new schools joining daily the program is poised for success. With the groundwork now complete and the months of preparation now coming into play Rugby Evolution is set to make its mark.

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