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Setup Linksys Wireless-G in Laptop With Technical Support

By using the technical support instruction you are able to perfectly setup and configure the Wireless-G router. Initially you have to connect the Wireless-G router towards the cable modem. You have to switch off both Linksys Wireless-G router and also the cable modem prior to going onto connect them. Take one finish from the Ethernet cable and plug it in to the cable modem. Now you have to insert another finish from the Ethernet cable in to the port called Internet. There is a port behind side panel from the Wireless-G router. Searching with this will not be that difficult since it is located just near the power port from the router.

Now you have to connect the Wireless-G router for your laptop. The technical support experts always warn to turn off laptops before inserting the main one finish from the Ethernet cable in to the laptops’ Ethernet port. Another finish from the Ethernet cable has already been associated with Wireless-G router. Most frequently the Ethernet port is on the rear side from the laptop but surely it may change from manufacturer to manufacturer. Be sure that the Ethernet cable is placed within the right port. Be mindful in order that it shouldn’t be placed in to the dial-up modem port.

Now you have to plug around the cable and turn on the cable modem, your laptop and Wireless-G router. First you have to switch on the cable modem and make certain if it’s correctly attached to the online sites provider’s server. Hold back until the bond is made. It is simple to find out if the bond is made since the status indicator for web connection will blink when the connection is made. You’ll find it around the front panel from the cable modem. Now you have to plug the router’s power adapter in to the power port from the router’s back panel. Plug the adapter into power.

Now wait not less than two minutes to ensure that cable modem might be connected correctly towards the Wireless-G router. Once the light from the router is going to be on you will be aware the connection is made. Now it’s time to switch on your laptop. Insert the CD for setup of router and begin following a on the watch’s screen instructions. Without having the Setup CD along with you can download it in the support page of Linksys.com.

With this particular technical support instructions now you can visit the default Ip of Wireless G router. The next step is to alter advanced settings. Type “” within the address bar after you have opened up a internet browser. Press ‘enter’. After you are within the default Ip of Wireless-G router. There is also a dialogues box that contains password. You have to leave the username and want to type ‘admin’ as password. Click ‘ok’ so the setting page for Wireless-G router starts loading.

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