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Accountancy Career Benefits? Stale Bread? Or Great News?

The demand for knowledgeable CPAs is growing all over the world. Of course when we specify knowledgeable, the CPA should be able to do bookkeeping, preparation of taxes, audit as well as project management. The newly updated laws in many different industries demand only the best CPAs who are very knowledgeable in the new business practices and the reliance on technology.

This is great news to those accountancy graduates who love to work with numbers and who are willing to learn the newest accounting software – there are a lot of job opportunities out there, waiting for qualified accountants. According to statistics, the accountancy field is growing at a very fast rate. Presently, there are about 1.2M accountants in different industries including corporations, public agencies, charitable organizations, and educational institutions; this is the best time to join the accounting field.

If you’ve earned a Master’s degree in accounting, you are better off, you have a higher chance of landing a job; those who have a bachelor’s degree can also take advantage of the various job opportunities online or in the local papers.

The licensing requirements for accountants vary from state to state. This is a very important consideration when choosing a degree program in accounting. Before you can take the exams to become a CPA, you will need a 150 hours course. By 2009, almost all the states in the US will follow the same requirements.

About the salary of accountants, the lowest rate is roughly $35,000 per year and that is for starters only. Once you’re hired and you’ve been with a company for many years, the salary will naturally increase. Did you know that the senior accountants can earn as much as $80,000 per year on the average? That’s a lot of money, right? Being an accountant has its benefits, especially in terms of salaries.

It seems that accountancy graduates of today are given more job opportunities. You should be thankful because unemployment is prevalent in many areas. If you’re a graduate of accountancy, it means that you have better chances of finding a good paying job as compared to graduates of other courses. If you try to analyze the business situation, accountancy is essential to the success of a business organization or company. With the growing number of business worldwide, big scale or small scale, accountants are badly needed.

For those of you who are just starting college, you should consider an accountancy course? According to statistics, the demand for knowledgeable accountants will increase in the years to come, so why not join the force? It will only take a couple of years to graduate. Make sure that you have excellent grades so that you will have an edge when you apply for a job. It pays to study hard now because you can use the knowledge in the future. You can be one of the assets of the biggest company in the world – now who wouldn’t want that?

The benefits of working in an accountancy career are nothing compared to some other degrees in college. Although some accountants may have bad reputations, most of them are work honestly and are contributing their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the business industry.

If you would like to join this great force and become one of them, go ahead; just try and apply for a career in accountancy. Who knows, tomorrow you might already have a job.

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